Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How does a teacher teach?

Jackob then asks; “How does a teacher use the same method of teaching a kid . . . say geography that a coach uses teaching a kid to play ball.”
“Yes, how?”
“How does a teacher teach?” Ron asks back.
“Yes, how would a teacher use the same methods as a football coach?”
“How does a football coach teach a kid the intricacies of playing football?”
“That’s what I’m trying to get you to answer Ron.”
“Okay. I’ll be good and answer it to the best of my ability.” Ron pauses and just looks at Jackob waiting for a response, with Jackob starring back at Ron expecting him to continue.
“Well, continue Ron, you were in the middle of answering my question.
“Now you got it.”
“You tell me.”
“Ron. Stop it. You know the answer, now give it to me plain and simple. You were about to and then you just quit talking.”
“Yeah. Now you got it. We’re getting somewhere.”
“Where? I don’t see us getting anywhere.”
“Tell me.” Ron states back.
“We’re not getting anywhere. You’re not answering the question. You know what you were about to say. Now tell me. Okay?”
“You just discovered the answer.”
“No, I’ve been waiting for you to answer the question.”
“Yes Ron. You. Come on now, you know what you were going to say. Cooperate and give me the answer to my question.”
“Okay here it is. You corrected me. You chastised me. You kept after me for not providing an answer and then you pushed me to do better, to reach down inside myself and find the answer.”

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