Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two excerpts from the Sequel.

From the introduction to the sequel. 

"The first book opens with Mark getting fascinated by a new volcanic island developing in the North Pacific, while preparing for the Halloween Festival they have held on their farm for the local town two years previously. Mark has decided to reduce his labors on the farm and leases out most of the acreage to local farmers when he is visited by a representative of the Dept of Agriculture demanding he insert into his land leases the same ethanol agreement he had with the department.  He refuses. He is threatened." 

 From the first chapter of the Sequel

“Now Madam, as far as the letter in front of you, as Secretary of State, you may be obligated to take a stance, to make an opinion known about the request from the group of Americans who have moved out there to that new island in the pacific. They’re requesting that their citizenship be revoked, and that the island belongs to them being the first to have settled there. They have been on the Island since last April and they have named it “Montesquieu.”  The stories have been all over the media. Even the popular talk show hosts have been making a big deal out of it.”
“Yes, I’ve read those accounts too, Frank.”
“Some of those reporters have strayed from the script.”
“What do you suggest Frank?”
“Read the letter first madam Secretary and then it’d probably be best to call in the group of 20 to get a consensus. I’ve already sent a copy to each of them and have requested a meeting for next month. The CIA has been given a copy and has been requested to investigate each of the 263 signatories.  You know Madam, that there are some 35 children out there also, and from looking at the signatures, the children appeared to have signed below their parents.”
“Disgusting,” the Secretary says. “Who do they think they are forcing the children to sign a document they don’t even understand?”

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