Thursday, June 6, 2013

Has there ever been a more unsettled anarchist point in history that rivals the turmoil that is prevalent throughout the world than now?  The Mediterranean is in turmoil. The East is threatening. The European countries are seeing economic decay. The Americas are corrupt on the verge of economic collapse. The average person in Europe and North America is just able to keep their heads above water while exhibiting an attitude of semi-positiveness toward the future. The Judea-Christian world is under attack from all sides, even from within, as the Islamic world has declared localized jihad. The world is ripe for a leader to calm the storm. Will this leader come from Europe, the Middle East, the far East, or from the Americas? He will need the backing of all sides to bring a sense of civilized togetherness to transform the diverse populations. The world is eagerly desiring this kind of leader to foster in a more transparent justice for all peoples, for every nation, for every sect, for every religion, for every race. The average human will welcome this leader based on the rhetorical promises of world togetherness to live individual lives of peace and happiness, as we watch in real time by the a click of the mouse his speeches around the world to jumping and shouting crowds of millions. He will be declared by all nations as the New World Ruler provided with authority to bring peace to all.

See Victor Davis Hanson article: "The Stagnant Mediterranean." 

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