Thursday, December 26, 2013

Escapism is gtting more numerous. Seasteads is the newest.

Just as the book, first published December 2012 novelized a group escaping the tyranny of a huge and growing more invasive each and every year, our governmental despotism, and now the visionaries are speculating on the latest for the true libertarian: a floating city.

"Available soon, for sale or rent: brand new island with sea views from the terrace, fresh fish daily and swimming pool in the resort hotel. An ideal base for 225 pioneers with £100m-plus to spare and a yearning for a new political and social system."

In brief, Americans are fed up and wish to reform the entire system from the bottom up, or move away to somewhere, someplace where they know they could govern themselves and live in peace and free from the bureaucratic nannyism penetrating every aspect of American life.

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