About the author

The author of this novel is Arnold Kropp, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, the home of the Cubs and the Bears and some fantastic museums. He went on to college immediately after high school, but could not get wrapped up in a subject, a major that was really up his alley, so he enlisted in the Army and served in Germany during the years the Berlin wall was built. Seeing what effects Soviet communism had on the people of East Germany left a deep impression on him. During those years, he would write many long letters home starting a desire to write more than just letters. This book is the first novel length work accomplished to date. No editors, no professionals have contributed to this work. It's all his. The cover and all 364 pages are his own creation. He'll take the blame for any of the grammatical mishaps. And Microsoft Word should take part of the blame for any misspellings. You'll have to review it for readability.

The idea for this book came about when he and his son were sitting on the deck discussing the political disaster that America has undergone since 9/11, when the idea of the story line for this novel evolved; a new island develops capturing the interest of some citizens who desire to leave the good life behind to establish a brand new colony on their own terms.

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