Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A fanciful escape of a small group of Americans desiring to be free of the totalitarianism creeping over society.

Is there a real physical escape from the totalitarianism creeping over the western world?  Is there a place where their reach and effect will not have any influence over your daily life? Would a remote rural life in Utah, North Dakota, Idaho, Montana or western Canada be the place where you could raise your children in peace without their secular moral relative influence being felt in some way?  Would throwing out the television, turning off the radio news updates and disconnecting the internet on the computer keep the messages of political correctness from entering your life as you continued to work a daily job to support yourself and your family?  
Wherever you went throughout the western world, there would still be those who think they know what's best for you and wish to impose those ideas upon you. There would still be a central police force of dedicated officers just doing their job enforcing the dictates of their superiors. There would still be elected officials who have experienced the taste of power and the lure of gain through lobbyists enticements.

The fanciful escapes of this novel depicts one small group completely escaping to a new island, how they planned and arranged the escape, their experiences with the powers still desiring to control them in the name of a safety net, and how they set up their own political system.


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