Monday, January 13, 2014

An Excerpt form the first book.

Susan pauses and then adds; “You know, I couldn’t care less what the elites and the feminists are saying that the only difference in the male and female is biological. That’s baloney. It’s a bunch of bull crap that’s been fed into this modern life of ours. It’s right out of that feminine mystique garbage. Just another deception.  There’s a big innate difference. It’s built in us. We’ve got different qualities right from the beginning, as little girls we wanted dolls, and boys wanted trucks and guns to play with and went around pointing those toys saying bang, bang you’re dead. God put into Adam the desire to subdue the earth, and after the fall, we were cursed with pain and our desire was made to please our husbands.” Turning to wrap her arm around Mel’s shoulder Susan looks into her daughters eyes saying; “Mel, don’t you go chasing after a man, let him find you. Make him want you.”

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