Monday, December 10, 2012

Beginning excerpt.

Why would 10 American citizens living the good life decide to leave it all behind establishing an entirely new colony on a brand new volcanic island?  What drove them to make such a drastic move?  How would they survive?  

Who is Montesquieu?

 Montesquieu New World Island

An excerpt from the book follows.

Mark continues reading the latest news for an hour or so while Susan is busy baking an apple and banana cream pie for the company later on.   Mark hears a knock on the front door, but Susan was passing the door on her way to the bedroom, opens it to a gentlemen she does not know.  He introduces himself as Jason Walker from the Department of Agriculture, showing her an identification badge.  “Mark” she calls out.  “It’s a gentleman from the Department of Agriculture,” As she invites the youngish man in out of the rain.  

“Now what?” Mark mumbles to himself as he approaches the vestibule.  

"Greetings Mr. Tebonson, I’m Jason Walker, agent for the Department of Agriculture to talk with you about your intent to lease out your acreage.”  

 “Good morning Mr. Walker, come on in and have a seat.  It’s a nasty wet morning to be roaming around out here in rural Nebraska.  But come, have a seat.”  

“Thank You, Mr. Tebonson.  Yes it is, and your place out here is not that easy to find.” 

"So, Mr. Walker.  Did you say your first name is Jason?”  
“Yes sir.” Jason replies.  
“Has anyone ever called you jay walker?”   
“Oh yes sir, kids had a big time with that in school.  I then showed them how to walk like a J.   I would kick my right foot forward and bring it back in front of my left foot, and then the same with the left foot.  I’ve been kidded about it at the office too.”  
“Well, anyway, what’s on your mind?”  Mark Asks.

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