Saturday, August 24, 2013

An excerpt from the first book.

“That’s got to be Thomas.” Susan says as she picks up the phone before Mark reaches out to get it.  “Hello Thomas, yes, we heard about the earthquakes honey, so what’s up with you guys?” 
“Good morning mom.  Well. . .  ah, good bye then.”  Thomas answers and clicks the phone once. 
“Thomas, are you there?  Did you hang up on me?”  Susan says quickly.
“No, mom, I’m still here.  Well, I guess George and Melody beat me to it, right?  They did it again.” 
“Yes Thomas, they did, and yes we did hear about the quakes.  Anything new there with you guys?” 
Thomas then informs her that the latest is that a volcano has just erupted in the same location as the earthquakes.  And also that they will not be able to make it to the Halloween festivities this year as neither of them could get the time off. 
“Sorry mom.” Thomas says. “Is dad there?” 
“Yes, he’s standing right here.  Take care Thomas, and I love you.  We’ll see you then at Thanksgiving.”  Susan says as she hands the phone to Mark. 
“Hey son, how are things up there?” 
“Good dad, just like it was last week.  Are you going to have that Haunted House display as you did last year?”  Thomas asks.
“You bet.”  Mark answers.  “The adults enjoyed that one.  Remember, it was a room labeled ‘Irritable Revenue Sharing’ like as in the IRS which had Roman soldiers ready to enforce.  I’m thinking of a new angle this year.  I’m putting together a series of rooms; one of them has two people sitting at their desks looking over stacks of paper.  As each new group of lookers enter the display, the stack of paper explodes; the room goes totally dark and then flashes of light fill the room as the two behind the desk change into Roman Knights in armor spitting out rule violations calling for an investigation of a citizen, citing certain misbehaviors.  Another is labeled as DHS; Demented Home Safety.  Another is ATF; Attaboy Tough Feds.  We’ve got a video there showing four Roman Knights with swords getting out of a government van approaching a house.  So, wish you were coming to help with some of the electrical work.” 

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