Monday, July 15, 2013

Turmoil in the western world.

What is going on throughout what was once flouted as the civilized world? Riots everywhere: Syria, Egypt, Paris, London, Greece, Spain, Italy, even peaceful Sweden, and now this week-end here in the US in NY and LA. The people are gathering together and rioting. Always something is upsetting a group here and there. People can't even peacefully watch a soccer game. What's going on? The people are demonstrating in the streets against something all the time, there's something, some happening, some event that rattles the cages continuously. Sure there have been uprisings all through history, but now they seem to dominate the world news making the once civilized world look animalistic.

Why can't we humans live in peace with each other?  It can't be that hard to live and let live, be neighborly, friendly and work daily to get along with each other.  Can It?  Surely, it could be doable, right?  Your own peace could be more to your liking if people would just leave you alone to do your thing, right? And then their peace would be more enjoyable too, because you'd leave them alone to do their thing, right?

Perhaps a look at the mystical Island of Montesquieu may provide some answers.


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