Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Regulation Society. EPA wants to control how cold your refrigerator is maintained

You think you are free. Ha, in this enlightened age of instant everything, we the people are considered as interference. Why, by golly, we pollute everything: the rivers, the air, our neighborhoods, our schools and our automobiles are causing the ice to melt. So, we must be regulated.

The EPA is now wanting to control the amount of cold air going into your refrigerator using a smart grid meter.

"In a seemingly innocuous revision of its Energy Star efficiency requirements announced June 27, the Environmental Protection Agency included an "optional" requirement for a "smart-grid" connection for customers to electronically connect their refrigerators or freezers with a utility provider.
The feature lets the utility provider regulate the appliances' power consumption, "including curtailing operations during more expensive peak-demand times."  More. . .

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